Sunday, March 18, 2012

5x5 LED Cube

The 5x5 LED cube project version 1.0 is working!

I am making use of 4 shift registers 74CH595N to control the 25 columns and 5 P2N2222A NPN Transistor to select a layer.  Currently I am writing the cube state for a layer out every 7ms.

The soldering of the cube was painful, but at least now I regained a bit of the soldering iron skill that I lost since uni.  Below are some pics of the building of the cube:

 But I must say the most fun of the project was the coding, really enjoyed playing with C again.  My next step will be to port this project from the ATmega328 chip (Arduino) to the MSP-EXP430G2 chip (TI Launchpad).

Monday, March 5, 2012

JBoss and debug breakpoints

The problem

Got in on a Monday morning ready to write some code.  Start up the JBoss server via JBoss tools, but it just freezes after a while.  Works perfectly with debug arguments.  So I started the server via the bin/ command and connected Eclipse to the JBoss server.  As soon as I connected to the server it froze and when I disconnected everything went back to normal...

The Solution

Debug breakpoint in a EJB causes a heavy overhead to JBoss startup.  And that is exactly what I did had a breakpoint left in from the previous week.  So remove all breakpoints when you have finished debugging!